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Made the trek over here

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Met a few DHD playing Ghosts. Really nice to meet polite and respectful players. I'm in a clan but there is only about 8 of us. We have been playing mostly the Call of Duty games for about 5 years now. We are all adults and basically just play for fun. I friended Icequeen and Merlin so far. We like to play private matches on Thursday nights because when most of us are in, its hard to get a public game started. We play mostly Team Deathmatch but like Kill confirmed too. We'd like to hook up a few matches on Thursday nights if some of you are down for it. We don't get angry at tubes either. Some of us use them pretty regularly. I actually may be the youngest in our clan at 41. We had an 18 year old but he joined the Navy and don't come around no more. Anyways, Clark is our head honcho and Quakezone is our second in command. Quakezone has his chat and teamchat turned off so don't think he's being rude. He is our computer tech guy and keeps our computers working. Friend me up at Steam under [STA]HAFROD . Here is our site but there is never any traffic over there I don't get steam chat messages till after I shut off the game. [STA]CLARK does so if you want to reach us in game hit him up.
Posted Jan 29, 14 · OP
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Nice to meet you... be sure to tube Merlin from behind for me :D

Posted Jan 30, 14